Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sam I am. (And wild turkeys.)

Sam continues to thrive and become more and more, well, Sam. I don't think, in our wildest dreams, we could have imagined we'd be blessed with such an amazing little soul to help learn to live and love. His personality is just huge and beautiful.

Sam continues to be happy, willful, chirpy, funny as all get out, curious, busy and more and more loving each day. (Did I mention happy?) He's big into swimming, his music class, throwing things, meeting new people, mimicking us - but also making up his own little language through which he expresses himself all day, and walking and more walking.

We had our first "date" last night as Terry's mom (Mupper) is in town. It was great to have some time alone, but of course we spent much of the night talking about Samuel and wondering if he was driving his grandmother crazy. Turns out "he was perfect" and she loved the time with him. I have been really, really feeling the sadness of being so far away from our families right now. It breaks my heart that they're all a plane ride - or two - away. And my goal this year is to have Samuel with his grandparents and aunts, uncles & cousins as much as we possibly can.

Here are a few videos from recent escapades with our little Ham.

Sam's first time swimming. Loves it. Loves going under, loves splashing, loves jumping off the side to mommy and daddy.

Fun at the playground. Also loves the slide, the swings and the dirt.

Sam being a ham! I'm not sure exactly what he's doing, but he loves to take his cups and crawl straight-legged. It's really, really weird. And really, really funny.

In the most random of segues, it's the year of the turkey here in Golden, Colorado. (Last year was the year of the mountain lion.) There's a herd of 11 wild turkeys taking over the neighborhood. This is all fine and good until they eat my garden or clematis. Then, they're roasted.

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